Frostpunk: The Board Game is coming to Kickstarter October 6th 2020!

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Our Board Games

Frostpunk: The Board Game

In Frostpunk: The Board Game, a solo player or up to four players will take on the role of leaders of a small colony of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world that was hit by a severe ice age.

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New Game In Development

Based on a wickedly clever concept and with a design to match the most innovative titles. A lighter midsized dungeon crawler with a revolutionary approach to dungeon creation! It will pop-up Q1/Q2 2021 bearing the name of one of the industry’s best authors.

New Game In Development

If Frostpunk: The Board Game is the spearhead we are using to enter the fray of the industry, this title will be a hammer with which we set the pole for our banner. A title of unseen proportions to match and exceed the biggest games around.

Design Driven

We carefully handpick our projects to ensure that we bring
the most outstanding computer games to the tabletop world.

Attention to Detail

With close attention to details, mechanics, and components, we want to make board games in which gameplay and fun come first.

About Us

Frostpunk: The Board Game is being created by a group of industry veterans who have formed a brand new studio - Glass Cannon Unplugged. We are working with world-class designer Adam Kwapiński, who's known for such amazing games as Nemesis, Lords of Hellas, Heroes, Inbetween, and Dark Ages.

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