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FAQ for Don’t Starve: The Board Game

Don't Starve: The Board Game
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FAQ for Don’t Starve: The Board Game

This is where you will find answers to the most common questions about the game. If you have additional questions, feel free to ask them on our BoardGameGeek forum thread here.

How many people can play the game?

The game is designed for 1 to 4 players.

What language versions will the game be available in?

We currently support English, German, French, Polish, Spanish, Czech, and Italian. With your help in our crowdfunding campaign, we can add more languages in the future!

Is this a fully cooperative game?

Yes, the game is fully cooperative, meaning that it does not include semi-cooperative mechanics, such as mutually exclusive player goals.

Does the game have a single story campaign?

Yes, the campaign follows a single story, with progress saved between games.

Is it possible to play individual scenarios, or is the game strictly campaign-based?

The game can be played separately from the campaign using one-shot scenarios which introduce new challenges.

How long will it take to play a full session of the game?

A full session takes around 45–120 minutes, depending on the scenario and player count.

Will this game be as complicated as Frostpunk?

Absolutely not! While there is quite a bit going on in Don’t Starve: The Board Game, the core rules are intuitive and easy to follow.

Will the game use miniatures or standees?

The game can be played using either miniatures or standees, and separate versions will be available for your preference.

Will “insert character name here” be playable in the game?

The current roster of playable characters includes Wilson, Willow, Webber, Wigfrid, Walter, and WX-78. Please let us know which other characters you would like to see in the game!

Will the game be accompanied by a Forteller App?

We are exploring various mood-enhancing applications for the game, so please let us know your preferences!

Is it possible to play the demo of the game at a convention?

Yes! We currently have demos scheduled this year at San Diego Comic-Con, Gen Con, and Essen Spiel, with more to come in the near future!

Is Klei Entertainment assisting you in creating the game?

Absolutely! We are collaborating on many parts of the game to make it the best adaptation possible.

Who is doing the marketing for the game?

The game is being marketed by the internal team at GCU.

Are you looking for marketing partners for the game? I am a content creator and would like to playtest it. Can you send me the prototype?

Contact us at if you would like to become a partner.

Do you plan on producing any merchandise?

Yes, we are. Please let us know what kind of products you would like to see!

How come Apex Legends: The Board Game and Dying Light: The Board Game have not shipped yet but you are already launching another game?

Each of our projects has a dedicated team focused exclusively on its development and fulfillment. The team working on Don’t Starve: The Board Game is separate from the teams handling Apex Legends: The Board Game and Dying Light: The Board Game, allowing us to maintain high standards across all projects.

Will there be a Shipwrecked or Hamlet expansion available during the campaign?

For now we can only say that we are planning both gameplay and component expansions. More details will be revealed in due time.