As Glass Cannon Unplugged, we have a very straightforward mission. We choose video games that we believe have significantly influenced their genre and that just appeal to us in terms of translating them to the language of tabletop.

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SUMMARY: Every monster in Don't Starve: The Board Game has distinct characteristics like behavior, speed, toughness, and special abilities, making each encounter unique and challenging. Combat involves comparing the player's weapon-based combat value with the creature's combat value, determining the difficulty and outcome of the encounter, with special abilities adding depth. Defeating monsters provides players with

SUMMARY: Don't Starve: The Board Game recreates the expansive, procedurally generated world of the video game with distinct biomes, each with unique features. The game uses World Layout cards, Map Tiles, and Location cards for exploration and interaction, presenting a compact version of the video game's world. Players can perform various actions through Location cards, with

SUMMARY: In 2022, development for the Don't Starve board game commenced after a founder's dream became a reality. Prototyping for the Don't Starve board game evolved through different designs, with Rafał's tile-based approach emerging as the frontrunner by September 2023 and gaining Klei's approval in January 2024. Fine-tuning mechanics and responding to feedback, the team prepares

Runners! You know very well that the best way to bite it is to stay put. Hopefully, you’re still on the move, as that’s exactly what we’re covering in today’s Survivor’s Log—movement. Mind you, we’re offering no room for recreational walks in the park—it’s all about non-stop, edge-of-your-seat action! BREATHING LIFE INTO PARKOUR When we

Kings Canyon—an island on planet Solace, once used by the now defunct Interstellar Manufacturing Company (IMC) as the location for the Thunderdome gladiatorial combat arena, and currently transformed for the purpose of hosting the Apex Games—an evolved version of the bloodsport. But a handful of IMC laboratories still remain beneath the surface of

Check the Youtube video. The participants of the Apex Games are highly specialized. Some Legends focus on offense, storming enemy positions and shooting everything to pieces. Others work best in recon, becoming masters of subterfuge and launching surprise attacks from the shadows. There are some who prefer to spend time on the battlefield supporting

Check the Youtube video. The Round structure in Apex Legends: The Board Game is designed in a way that establishes clear rules, allows players to cooperate, and makes it possible to keep the different Legends’ abilities faithful to the ones you know from the original game. The Round board consists of a Round track