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First deliveries, first impressions

Frostpunk: The Board Game
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First deliveries, first impressions

Hello Frostlanders!

The whole team at GCU has been waiting for us to be able to write these words… the first copies of Frostpunk: The Board Game have already reached some of the backers! But before we go to the first impression and all that stuff that will only tease you in anticipation for your copy 😉 we’ll focus on the overall state of the logistics, dates, etc.

[Warning from Jakub: this update contains an even larger than usual amount of my attempts at being funny, enjoy or burn me in the comments ;-).]

The topics will be as follows:

  • English edition fulfillment dates
  • The delivery date for DE, FR, SP, IT, PL, and CZ versions
  • Schedule of production for the remaining language versions
  • Status of the companion app for Frostpunk: The Board Game 
  • The card templates for custom content
  • Tutorials on how to efficiently pack the game after a playthrough and on how many sleeves to buy
  • Unboxing, tutorial, and gameplay videos
  • Initial feedback from backers who already received the game


Do you need help with your pledge? Wrong address? Missing items? Damaged items? Are there zombies in your backyard? Have no fear, GCU’s Customer Experience Team is here!

Please contact us directly via the contact form on our website (it helps us to keep track of your requests much better than messages or comments) – or directly via email –  support[at]glasscannonunplugged[dot]com

Let’s dive in!

English edition fulfillment dates

The packages for Australian backers are being delivered as I write these words. Some of the add-ons, like the Iceberg Boxes, are being shipped in separate packages, so do not worry if you receive only some items from your pledge; the rest will follow through shortly.

The packages for backers in Asia will start their journey soon and will be fulfilled mostly still in November and the first days of December. Places near the VFI headquarters (China) and Hong Kong will have a delivery time of roughly 1-2 weeks, and for further destinations, like for example Philippines or Israel, it might take up to 45 days for the packages to reach their destination.

Europe, USA, and Canada: the 6 containers have just reached the warehouse of our logistics partners and are being processed. Those are the games dedicated for the USA and Canada that will be sent to you via FedEx air mail, same for a few destinations like Mexico or RPA. The other 5 containers (mostly dedicated to European destinations) from the same shipment are withheld by the customs office for a detailed inspection. One container was scanned, and another has to undergo a personal inspection by the customs officer. We hope that in a few days those thoroughly checked 5 containers will be with our logistics partners and will begin their journey to all European backers who pledged for English versions of the game. It seems our estimation that the majority of English version pledges will reach you – our beloved backers – in November is valid, some packages might still reach you in the early days of December, but the bulk will be there sooner!

As per your request, all the packages destined for the UK will be sent with DPD, your wish was so that we do not use Hermes/Evri, and as always (almost always 😉) we’ve listened.

As for the method of fulfillment, you will receive an email notifying you about the package being addressed and sent to you by the logistics company. The email will include a tracking number for the package/packages. Please keep checking your inbox and your SPAM folder regularly, just in case 😊.

The delivery date for DE, FR, SP, IT, PL, and CZ versions

We’ve waited with this update for a few days since we wanted to provide you with the most accurate dates that we hopefully won’t have to change as time goes on! On the 11th of November (Polish Independence Day!), we will be picking up the bulk of the games from the factory in Ningbo and loading them onto a vessel called OOCL JAPAN ( that will begin its journey to Europe on the 16th of November!

That’s another 7 big containers filled to the brim with fresh, frosty games! The preparation of this was a real challenge when compared to the English edition alone; not only did the manufacturer have to pack Core Boxes and Frostlanders in 6 different language versions but also had to differentiate between shaded and non-shaded. It is like playing Tetris on a rodeo bull… or so we imagine 😉.

The shipment is bound to reach the port in Gdańsk on the 24th of December (sic!). So the shipments will begin in January. We realize this is below the expectations of many of you, and trust us, we did what we could to have the language versions reach you before the year’s end. (To shed some light on what our manufacturer and most of China is still experiencing, please read this article about the anti-covid policy that influences all of the Chinese ports and logistic chains, and factories: Losing a couple of days on each stage of the production and fulfillment process of such a complex chain means an amassed delay. Fortunately, the dates mentioned above are confirmed by all parties involved. Keep a candle burning for those who are at sea!

Just to make things clear, we are certain all our logistics partners and the manufacturer worked on 100% Generator efficiency since the delay between the English and other language versions is not a very big one. That’s the only thing that comes to mind to pour some honey on this for those of you who will have to wait a bit longer. We are truly and deeply sorry that not all of you will receive the packages by the end of this year.

Schedule of production for the remaining language versions

The remaining four language versions (one of which is Korean, available during the Kickstarter campaign for Frostpunk: The Board Game) have all the digital files sent to the manufacturer. The whole process of proofing and accepting the files for these versions begins anew for us, the publishing partners, and the manufacturer. We are sure it will go much smoother this time since we’re all fresh from the fight from the previous editions.

 Status of the companion app for Frostpunk: The Board Game 

We’ve got the seal of approval from 11 bit studios! So, all that remains is to brace for impact and launch that rocket. We’re aiming for December for the English edition. For now, we’re working with our language version partners to prepare the app for multilanguage support. We’ve shared the specially scripted sheet with them so that when they’ll fill in the columns with the translated version, our coders will be able to use it without prior knowledge of a given language. Naturally, after implementing the texts, we will test/proofread the translations with our partners to avoid any misinterpretations. We hope to finish this process early next year so that when the language versions of the game reach you, the app will follow soon after.

NOTE: Please remember that this app is not required to play the game, it is simply there to enhance the gameplay and accompany you throughout it with the soundtrack. Once the app is ready, it will allow you to use the trade module to further add to your gameplay experience.

The card templates for those of you who wish to personalize your copies of Frostpunk: The Board Game with your own content

Many of you asked this on multiple occasions and our response was always the same: as soon as our devs and DTP have a moment to take a breath. That moment is now 😊 We are very happy to share with you the templates for preparing your own scenario cards… but we wouldn’t be Glass Cannon Unplugged if we didn’t go the extra mile 😉 so we are sharing all the card-type templates with you! Technologies, Laws, Events, and even their consequences…

Now hold your horses! If you are grinning right now thinking: “Hahaha silly GCU! I will make everything a lot easier, and I will win every time, muahaha <evil backer laughter>!” remember, we know where you live! 😀

Jokes aside, have fun with these, and do share them with the community!

The files can be downloaded from this link: 

Once again if you feel like it, please share the fruits of your creativity on and let the wonderful community know in the official group on Facebook:


Tutorials on how to efficiently pack the game after a playthrough and on how many sleeves to buy

Since we mentioned Boardgamegeek, we’ve prepared two tutorials for you:

We hope you will find these tutorials useful and if you’re in the mood, please throw Frostpunk: The Board Game some love on BGG, we’ve been so focused on delivery that we forgot about the hotness list and we’re going to need to ask your help again 😉.

Phew, now with all the serious stuff behind us, all that remains is the part where we share the love that Frostpunk: The Board Game received from some of our favorite content creators!

Unboxing and gameplay videos

Our friends from Quackalope and Gaming Rules! Prepared two unboxing videos for you; to make that waiting a bit more bearable… or to tease if you are as impatient with such stuff as I am (Jakub):

Last but definitely not least is the video where the one and only Paul Grogan runs a group of unexpecting newcomers to the city of New London where they will try and survive! A full playthrough with the man who wrote the manual for Frostpunk: The Board Game with us. An absolute legend and the best choice to look for a how-to-play guide (for now at least… knowing Paul, he is surely working on something even more precise and digestible). If any of you have doubts or fears that the game might be too complex for your gaming groups, this is the perfect watching material. You can see how the playthrough progresses and how after the first round even fresh players are familiar with its course. Oh, and don’t be discouraged by the length of the video, it is neatly divided into sections and has very thorough explanations.

As the icing on this cake (pun intended) we’d like to share some links from impressions of Australian backers who got their pledges (if living in a country where every creature wants to kill you, at least this is how the internet describes the wildlife in Australia, is the price for being among the first to receive the Kickstarter pledges, I am strongly considering relocation 😉):

It seems this is all for today 😊. Please visit the gallery on, where some stunning graphic materials are being published, and show some love to this project if you think we deserve it 😉:

Stay safe, and brace yourselves, for FROST is finally coming to you!

Jakub & GCU Team

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It’s by our friends from Fantasia Games, the ones who did Endless Winter (yeah, we like each other because we make games about cold weather 😉 ). Check it out!


Do you need help with your pledge? Wrong address? Missing items? Damaged items? The dingos ate your game? Have no fear, GCU’s Customer Experience Team is here!

Please contact us directly via the contact form on our website (it helps us to keep track of your requests much better than messages or comments) – or directly via email –  support[at]glasscannonunplugged[dot]com