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A summit under the gaze of the Volatile

Dying Light: The Board Game
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A summit under the gaze of the Volatile

Greetings, Survivors!

Today’s entry may be short, but it’s a real doozy, as it covers a key milestone for the project.

Time sure flies fast, be it in a pre- or post-apocalyptic world! We must admit that we are anxiously awaiting the Pilgrim’s visit ourselves, as he’s always sure to bring important news.

And here it is! Here’s a handful of the latest information about the project and what’s coming soon!


The beginning of May saw us returning to the roofs of Villedor—or actually the interiors of the Wrocław headquarters for Techland, which were no less exciting to explore—to meet with the team, more specifically with Rafał Jaki (Senior Director – Business Development and Franchise Expansion), Hubert Marczak (Senior Business Development Manager), and Tymon Smektała (Dying Light Franchise Director) to discuss the current status of the project and its next stages, as well as to seal the core mechanics for the game.

You should know that the game has gone through some fundamental changes and rebuilds since the prototype was submitted. All the more we are proud that the current version, which we put a lot of work, tests, and hearts into, was fully appreciated.

The gist of it is—we got the green light to continue our vision! We got Tymon to play the prototype for the first time and were elated to hear that the team considered the mechanics that make up the core of the game to perfectly reflect the essence of what Dying Light is all about and to shine through in every aspect of the game

I guess it’s needless to say that this served as a major power boost for our entire team!

Give me fuel! Give me fire! Give me meaning & desire!

During the meeting, we also had the opportunity to discuss the scenario structure, campaign module, and sandbox game modes. Expect the unexpected as we give new meaning to the idea of “maximum fun—no bloat!”

Speaking of fun, we sure had some as we ran amok the Techland HQ—they’re certainly not short on space for parkour!

UK Game Expo UV Spot

If any of you would like to stop by, say hello and talk about the project—we cordially invite you to UK Game Expo, June 2-4! The GCU team, including the authors of Dying Light: The Board Game, will be waiting for you at booth 2616. We guarantee high-quality insider info and great company! Hope to see you there!

Stay tuned & stay human!