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Gibraltar Legend Spotlight

Apex Legends: The Board Game
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Gibraltar Legend Spotlight

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The participants of the Apex Games are highly specialized. Some Legends focus on offense, storming enemy positions and shooting everything to pieces. Others work best in recon, becoming masters of subterfuge and launching surprise attacks from the shadows. There are some who prefer to spend time on the battlefield supporting their Squadmates by providing healing or loot.

But then there’s the defenders—strong, reliable, and brave warriors who keep the battlefield safe for themselves and their allies. 

The true star among them? Gibraltar. 

“I’m good at what I do, believe me.”

Gibraltar is big, strong, confident, and courageous. He excels in protecting himself and his allies from enemy fire. With the use of his skills and equipment, he can withstand a ton of damage and still be able to participate in combat. He may not be the fastest of the Legends nor the best shot, but he’s consistent, reliable, vigilant and tough as nails. He’s a blessing to have as an ally on the battlefield—since he can absorb a lot of damage, he can be used to draw enemy fire away from more fragile and vulnerable Legends. But he also has access to a set of Feats which enable him to provide a more direct form of protection.

“I’m ready for whatever today brings.”

Gibraltar’s trademark piece of equipment is the Dome of Protection—a disk that, when thrown on the ground, creates a temporary shield in the form of a hemisphere, the walls of which can be walked right through, but not fired through. Gibraltar also knows how to call in an artillery strike which causes a heavily damaging and stunning cluster strike to land in a targeted location. He is additionally equipped with a gun shield—a protective layer which he may activate to protect most of his body from enemy fire. 

“Try to knock me down! I’m here to stay.”

When designing Gibraltar’s Abilities and Feats for the board game iteration of the Apex Legends universe, we decided to spotlight his iconic moves and equipment. Thus, his famous Dome of Protection became his Tactical Ability. As already mentioned, he can use it to protect himself and his Squadmates from taking damage—but that’s not all! A clever player can use the impenetrable quality of the shield in much more creative ways, for example by positioning it in a way which disrupts enemy line of sight or—better yet—by trapping your opponent under the dome, so that they cannot harm anyone on the outside! A gambit, but sometimes well worth the risk.

“They’re not gonna know what hit’em.”

Gibraltar’s ability to call in an artillery strike is utilized in his Ultimate Ability—Defensive Bombardement. It deals an impressive amount of damage, has good range and a wide area of effect radius. While it requires a degree of caution when used—as it can damage enemy and ally alike—when called at the right moment and in the right place, it can greatly improve the tactical position of Gibraltar and his allies, by flushing the opponent out of their cover and dealing devastating damage to them.

“The important thing is not to die”.

The third of Gibraltar’s iconic features is his force-field enhanced shield, which he uses to cover his body and protect himself from enemy fire. We decided to represent it in our board game in the form of not the usual one, but a pair of identical Feat cards that can be used as a reaction to enemy attacks. When used, these cards protect from a lot of damage, but most of all, they almost entirely negate any headshot damage—a true lifesaver in the critical moments of any Apex Games duel. 

“Let’s go get the job done.”

But these are by all means not all the tricks Gibraltar has in store. Having mastered the use of his Dome of Protection, he knows how to use it to gain a tactical edge over his opponents—one of his Feat cards allows him to shoot through the barrier to greatly surprise the adversary. This grants him the advantage of being totally protected from enemy fire while still being able to pose a threat with his own weapons. Also, being a big and heavy guy, Gibraltar knows how to perform devastating charges, moving surprisingly fast for his size and slamming into opponents with his body. He can also use the temporary safety granted by his Dome of Protection to quickly use a healing item from his backpack or allow his allies to do the same while they are shielded. 

“I’m here to watch your back, brudda.”