As Glass Cannon Unplugged, we have a very straightforward mission. We choose video games that we believe have significantly influenced their genre and that just appeal to us in terms of translating them to the language of tabletop.


Apex Legends: The Board Game


Check the Youtube video.

While Jakub, our CEO, might look like he’s got the situation under control, that’s about to change as he gets third partied by none other than Paula Deming from YouTube’s Things Get Dicey! Be sure to tune in for insight into some of the game’s key aspects.

Combat is the core of every shooter, and APEX Legends is no different in this regard. It was a real challenge to bring the dynamic fights from the original game onto the board. So many essential aspects needed to be involved—the weapon, the positioning, the Legend. We spent a lot of time doing countless tests and as a result we successfully established a smooth and easy-to-follow system that we will tell you all about in the next few paragraphs.

Choose your weapon wisely…

  • Every weapon has its own strengths and shortcomings. It’s up to you to find and choose the weapon that suits your tactics, and to use the features that make it unique to your advantage.
  • Each weapon is described by ammo type and four basic statistics. Some weapons may also have unique abilities. The statistics indicate the following:
  • Best Ranges – the most suitable range for this weapon,
  • Rate of Fire – the number of cards you reveal during a single attack,
  • Hit Threshold – how hard it is to hit an opponent,
  • Damage – the damage you will deal with each hit and headshot.

customize it…

The next important aspect related to the weapons is their customization. Different weapons may be upgraded with various attachments in the form of tokens that modify the weapon’s statistics. They come in four types—each with its own effect:

  • Barrel Stabilizers – increase the stability of the weapon,
  • Extended Magazines – allow you to reveal more cards during your shoot,
  • Optics – make it easier to hit the enemy within specific ranges,
  • Stocks / Bolts – increase the damage of the weapon.

With the proper attachment even the Mozambique Shotgun may prove deadly!

position yourself…

With your weapon equipped and customized you’re ready to fight. But you first need to choose your position on the Map to see the enemies, and perhaps use it to gain some advantage, be it offensive or defensive. We won’t go into details here. You may read more about the Map and its importance in the previous article.

and shoot!

The last part—shooting! To shoot, you choose your weapon, spend ammo, and count the Hit Threshold. Next, you reveal Aim cards on the Aim track.

The Aim track reflects the stability and recoil of the weapon—the longer you shoot, the less accurate you become. The Aim cards are your shots. If the value on the card meets the Hit Threshold, you hit. Otherwise, you miss. You may reveal as many cards as indicated by your weapon’s Rate of Fire, but with each card you get Recoil.

The Aim deck also contains cards bearing additional icons. These symbolize all kinds of advantages and disadvantages you may have, and in effect change the final value of the card:

  • You hit and there is a Headshot icon? You score a Headshot!
  • The Legend you’re shooting at is behind cover and you draw a card with a Cover icon? You miss!
  • You have the high-ground advantage and there is a high-ground icon?
  • You hit, even when you do not meet the Hit Threshold.

Once the attack is made you count the amount of damage you deal, and the enemy has to reduce their Shield & HP by this value—you are one step closer to victory!

Legends Change the Game

There is another layer of combat, as much important as the previous ones—the Legends. They come in various types—Offense, Defense, Support and Recon—and, as suggested in the heading, they truly change the game.

Every Legend is different, owing to their Abilities and Feat cards. Using them in a tactical manner may provide you with an advantage over the opponents, allow you to gain control of the area, reinforce the strength of your attack, or provide aid to your teammates.

Next is the reaction system, which further boosts the dynamics of combat, as it helps you thwart your enemy’s plans by responding to their attacks with some of your Abilities and Feat cards… more on that topic in the upcoming news!

That’s it for today. Soon you shall meet the Legends!